Many factors aligned to make Saturday's recording session feel especially wonderful. We kicked out one 3 minute rock track in 5 hours for this Christmas compilation. (I'll let you know when I get details on the record release which should be Fall/pre-Christmas this year.) A perfect day was had by all as evidenced by the laughter, the tears, the special scotch, the sushi and the fact that listening to the song still makes me grin 2 days and numerous plays later. I realized today that we're in the middle of a big media week for us: Friday 4/7 - thanks to Dave of Dave's Place for re-running the first Liza & the WonderWheels episode and for scheduling to run the second on on Friday 5/5 at 8:30 You can catch his show on Manhattan Cable Channels: - Time Warner channel 57 - RCN or digital cable channel 85 - Without cable box regular channel 69 - Computer - enter at 8:30 pm EST any Friday night and click channel 57. Sunday 4/9 - thanks to Dan of Radio Crystal Blue for being the first internet radio station to play a song from Meet the Animal. You can hear "Clergy Man" as the 6th song in this week's encyclopedic 5.5 hr broadcast here: Monday 4/10 - Ian & I may be on this week's episode of Brooklyn vs. Bush: BROOKLYN - Mondays at 11:30pm - watch with friends at Freddy's Bar. - BCAT channel 3 - Time Warner channel 56 - Cable Vision channel 69 MANHATTAN - Wednesdays at 9pm - MNN1 / Time Warner channel 34 - RCN or digital cable channel 110

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