Deep in the land of the muse there is a tree of oversight from which we chart the course of our music at the album level. I know what we're doing for record 3, and we've been performing some of those new-new songs for a few months already. There are some details still to be discovered, but the map is in place, the concepts clear, the material materializing. This week I'm realizing if I stand on toes to look out the tree-house window I can start to see the territory of record 4. This land looks rocky and interesting. Of course having just released record 2 this year, Liza & the WonderWheels are outwardly and actively concerned with doing a bit of the promotion thing. This week a woman in Sweden and a man in Italy contacted us to request to review/promote/etc. in those countries. On the other hand I forgot to touch base with our gal in Philly during her office hours yesterday, so we still have a hold to play Fri. July 7 in that town, to be posted on the shows page when confirmed.

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