Entertainment tonight: Skelter rocking Park Ave. at Desmond's. Three cheers, right, 'cause obviously if I'm planning to go out tonight I'm feeling better. Rah! Rah! Rah! As I wrote to one friend, it's humbling how wee micro-organisms can take us down, but I guess that's just Life On Earth. I love that this diary inspired well wishing e-mail, that's awesome, and to everyone who said verbally or in e-mail that I looked great last Saturday... you rock - or you have a fetish for the consumption look - but either way tip of the hat to you. Late breaking medical evidence is now in, indicating that the virus progressed to a mild case of encephalitis , so I wasn't wrong at all about it bringing out my inner mental patient. I actually had a Weirdo Brain Virus that lists amongst its symptoms mental disturbances and altered consciousness. Well, you know it's always something. As I was saying about the transformative nature of sickness, I wonder if my brain thinks slightly differently now. Really, I just want to be the best artist I can be; I'm always doing things to encourage my brain to think in a way that supports my art, and I'm just relieved that I'm better to the point where I can enjoy legitimately playing Camille (my Mom uses that expression). I see some naps and mid-day strolls in my immediate future, and with any luck I'll be back to prime in no time. Meanwhile, speaking of world-class artists, there's someone I can't believe I haven't before added to my Links under "Bands We Like," someone whose song "Machine Gun Smith" is the only cover on our current record, a great songwriter and hot guitarist: Kimberley Rew . Oh yeah, I was reminded to do this when he e-mailed this week saying he thought our version of the song was well done! (exclamation point his). And that's me, over here, feeling better and looking chuffed.

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