A new link for photos from our set at Psychedelic Night at Freddy's back in September. And Ryan's Smashing Life created a cool mix with "Eddie Come Down" on it. Inspired by, and posted with pictures from, a walk through under-snow Colorado. While my computer was saying No-No-No with the repetitive insistence of a tantrum-throwing two-year-old I obsessively made a list of topics for future blogging: *drum debut: Did you know I had my drum debut playing "Mrs. Claus", written by Andy Mattina, released on the Penny For the Guy records 2006 X-mas compilation? It was a studio track, and you may recall our Wombat of the studio was laid up after a bike accident this fall (much better now, thank you), so for the NO TWO FLAKES THE SAME album release party and subsequent PFTG records holiday party we included "Mrs. Claus" in our WonderWheels set and mostly swapped instruments so it was me on drums, Joe on bass, Andy fronting on vocals with only Ian remaining on his primary guitar. I've been less and less secretly drumming, venturing on the kit at the end of various parties and jams when all the experienced drummers are tired and/or drunken, and man it's loud back there and FUN! I take naturally to the responsibility of holding the beat (insert double-entendre here about rhythmic girls and pockets), reliable fills, graceful endings, those would take some further practice. *Fran x2: this refers to Fran, the man from Box of Crayons , FlakeMasterMind and his two holiday show-parties: 1) December 16 X-mas Cd release at Freddy's Our set: Mrs. Claus (track 6 by Andy Mattina) After Last Night (UNRELEASED) Learning Lessons (UNRELEASED) Meet the Animal (MEET THE ANIMAL) No Exceptions (UNRELEASED) I like Christmas (a Beer Vampire/WonderWheels conversation) <> G-L-O-R-I-A (track 7 by Liza & the WonderWheels) <> I like Christmas (reprise) Where Is My Robot Maid? (encore UNRELEASED) 2) December 22 PFTG holiday party at Murray St. Our set: Mrs. Claus (by Andy Mattina) After Last Night (UNRELEASED) Learning Lessons (UNRELEASED) Petroleum (UNRELEASED) Loops (MEET THE ANIMAL) Smug Ugly (UNRELEASED) Straight to the Body (UNRELEASED) G-L-O-R-I-A (2006 X-mas single) The Hats (encore UNRELEASED)

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