Entertainment tonight: Black Death Cd release at Grand Central Bar in W-burg. Went to the post office yesterday to dispatch another 10 or so little packages, including our first poster tube sending our glossy eleven by seventeens down to the Grape St. in Philly. I'm going to get my hair cut today. You have been forewarned. I contemplated rocking a modified mohawk - I am not kidding - but given all the travel taking place for me this summer, I didn't want my hair to be a major conversation piece. I found the modified mohawk idea in a book given to me by the stylish Steph called "Wild Style," published in 1985 and apparently far out of print. The sides are clipped short to furry instead of shaved down to fearsome, and the girl in the picture is wearing a long clipped on pony tail at the back which I could do with my own natural hair. Ah well, perhaps this fall if the look still strikes me.

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