Flying to England today! After the airports, unsure as to when my next Internet access will be. All show info is on the shows page. All shows are confirmed and unlikely to change. My morbid and excitable pre-trip nature commands me to tell you that if I die, my one wish would be that y'all get together and release the third Liza & the WonderWheels album anyway. You'll be able to find the title and track listing amongst my things, so all you'd really need to do is sort through various live recordings to get the best takes and have the Wombat or someone clean 'em up. Please get it mastered and don't cheap out on the artwork. Thanks! I feel confident in the odds of my survival, but thought you might be entertained by this look into one of my more neurotic mental cul-de-sacs. And, speaking of end-times, I haven't mentioned recently how big a pile of b.s. that is. The current re-heating of the conflict in the Middle East has sparked renewed speculation about WWIII, and the fact that our government is over-run with fanatical extremist "Christian" terrorists who believe that it's their religious duty to help bring about the apocalypse in order to hurry up the second coming isn't helping matters. (I'm not a Christian myself, but have nothing against the religion per se. It's my understanding that Jesus preached L-O-V-E. Just like the best work of the Beatles. What's not to like?) The ego-mania of this perspective is so obvious to me: I mean really, you think you're that special that the end of time is going to happen in your life-span? But lately it's the lack of imagination in this belief that's been really getting me down: How do you think the peasants felt in 1350 after watching the Black Plague sweep across Asia and the Middle East into Europe killing between 1/2 and 2/3 of everybody? Historians estimate that about 25% of all towns and cities simply disappeared from de-population. Meaning everybody died. And it was a gruesome death too, and one suffered on a mattress stuffed with straw and bugs if you were lucky enough to have a mattress. What if one of those dying peasants had a vision of the lives we lead with antibiotics and electricity? A golden vision of a near-perfect future where although we haven't conquered violence or poverty, water runs from taps, waste is magically flushed away, women have the education to read and the power to log on the Internet and communicate our thoughts, etc., etc. We humans are la cucarachas of primates. My song "On the Bridge" - track one from our first record AND THE WONDERWHEELS - deals obliquely with this subject matter... wrapped in a catchy pop tune that was # 1 on the ILR charts in Australia for more than 10 consecutive weeks back in 2003... which brings us back to the music which is what I plan to write about on our UK tour, leaving the politics to those who can't get it out by singing. Post to ya from the other side... of the pond that is!

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