New link for photos from our February 3 show at the Laila Lounge. Thank you Elisa Zazzera for being our photographer! She and James Dean are working with us on a video for a song that will be on our third record. Have I mentioned this? We are very excited, in fact we may even be animated! They were shooting "B roll footage" at the Laila show which would seem to imply a number of exciting things including that there will be "A roll footage," and there will be: James and Elisa are planning to tape at our show this Sunday Feb. 18 at Kenny's Castaways on Bleecker Street. Shout out to Rich who runs Eartaste out of Sabinal, Texas! He tasted Eddie Come Down (MEET THE ANIMAL) on Mon. Feb. 5 and put us on this tasty podcast sampler which has snips from the following playlist: 1. Arrested Development - It's Time 2. U2 - Window In The Skies 3. Liza & the WonderWheels - Eddie Come Down 4. The Red Button - She's Going Down 5. Jukebox The Ghost - Spiraling 6. Spocks Beard - Skeletons At The Feast 7. Plain White T's - Come Back to Me You can also read what he wrote on our press page , and of course Eartaste is now tastefully linked on our growing list of drops of Liza & the WonderWheels press coverage in the saturated and superficial media bucket. Speaking of which did you see the Grammy's? Saturday we recorded the basic track for "No Exceptions" with two drummers. Yes, that explains why Tom Pope replaced Joe Filosa for that song at our show at Laila. I think we ended up with a kicking track! Although I'm sure plenty of people who don't read liner notes will comment that Joe's drums sound extra amazing on just that one track, if you can focus your listening you can start to hear the way the two drummers are talking to each other, and there's this one fill that just goes on and on - from one drum set right around the other - that's just perfection. On Valentine's Day we had a band rehearsal because there is nothing like the love between a girl and her band. We had a good practice actually, especially as one of the two songs we're recording basic tracks on tomorrow finally slipped into place in terms of exactly how we want to approach it. Right under the wire. Lest you think us unromantic, Valentine's is being celebrated tonight - starting with a sushi supper, of course. Also, going to a party on the Upper West Side last week, the Wombat and Ian & I were trapped in an elevator along with two other friends and a resident of the apartment building. We were rescued after about only 15 minutes by three firemen, and walked up stairs to the party where for the rest of the evening we had no problem mingling with lots of interesting people as everyone kept asking "oh you were the ones who got trapped in the elevator?" No matter how much you believe you have experienced, there's always still a first time left for something or other.

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