This week's mailing campaign for the new record (working from home): one dozen packages to select college and public radio stations in the US. And only $20 in postage! To send a press kit with CD to Europe is working out to be more like $7.95 a pop. After starting strong, our new ambition of booking far and wide is a different and more frustrating experience than booking close to home where people already know us. We had a "hold" on what would've been a great venue, great date, great time slot in Philly, only to see it fall through leaving us showless and much closer to our preferred date. On the other hand a new possibility for playing travel for late summer/fall landed in my inbox the next day, so we keep on truckin' learning all the while. Tomorrow we're going into Wombat to do something a bit different: cut a classic rock ballad - one that I've always hated actually, but we've altered the beat and even cut a verse and made it something we sort of like to play. The impetus is an invitation to submit a track for another indie record label compilation, but the truth is we're testing new production methods in anticipation of Liza & the WonderWheels record number three.

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