1. On the Bridge

From the recording On the Bridge


In a little room intended for building things
The sawdust piles are cut-through hubris
Through a bitter shade I can see quite clearly now
The friend I’ve made and I’m so weary now

This is my quandary collection
I’ve got quite a selection
I’m On the Bridge

Metallic men or a fraternity
What you’re seeking is what you’re gonna see
Feeling superior it is a slippery slope
There’s one thing we can give to each other it’s hope

Who am I who am I to live at the end of time?
High ideals and feet of clay
Who am I with these values that I assign?
Who am I and is there someone else who’s felt this way?


Now I’ve had great notions taught to me
Enough to know all the games are legendary
The Ship of Fools it isn’t sunken yet
Here’s my lantern ‘cause I’m still hunting yet