1. Glam Jacket

From the recording Glam Jacket


Here I am staring into my closet with my best boyfriend
Must be Friday night again
My cheeks are sparkling from the blusher
Moved here two years ago we go out to escape the pressure

Step out into the streets everything is alright
I’m feeling good the city sure looks bright tonight
I’m a mastermind without a plan
An astronaut from a distant land
And I’m going out to take a stand
In my GLAM
In my GLAM G-L-A-M
In my GLAM
My Glam Jacket My Glam Jacket
Glam Jacket!

I’m a man who’s always had a lot of glamour to express
I’m just a natural I guess
Feel like a school girl dressing like a superstar
When you’re an oddity it takes some time to decide just what you are


I hate I hate I hate that fakey flakey fakey stuff
Lived in a small town for 19 years and baby I had enough so
I moved to the big city where I can strut my stuff
Without taking a beating you know that those high school boys they can play kinda rough
Now I see your jealous glances at my iridescent cuffs
I’ll help you find your style brother just dress up go out put on your muff