APRIL 6: LizaSongs Re-emergence at Branded Saloon in Brooklyn! Well Hello Music Mates, It’s been a loooong while since I’ve thrown a show e-mail out to the full e-mail list, but here goes… you may remember me from bands such as Liza & the WonderWheels (2002-2009) and The Larch (still going)… Now, having conquered a moderately serious health problem and re-tooled the creativity accordingly I am pleased to announce an opportunity to hear my original catchy, cheery, quirky, political rock live and in person for the first time since 2010! FRIDAY APRIL 6 Branded Saloon – 603 Vanderbilt Ave. @ Bergen St. in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn (718) 484-8704 9pm: Liza & Ian Roure – (shortly to be substantially updated) 10pm: The Sometimes Boys - 11pm til whenever: Monster Jam featuring members of the above plus additional pals and maybe you perhaps? This month’s genre: British Invasion. Reasons to celebrate in no particular order: I’m announcing our new post WonderWheels band name live at the show! It’s Good Friday – I mean all Fridays are pretty good but this one is the most Good of them all! April 6 is not only Good Friday, it’s three days after my birthday and I’m barely old yet so yay! It will be 5 months + 3 days since I was released from the hospital post-planned surgery to fix what ailed me and I’ve regained a lot of strength and am feeling much better! Ian & I will each take lead on several jam songs so stay late for improvisational risks and flashes of genius as we interpret the Kinks, Who, Beatles, Yardbirds, Stones, Beatles and more! Thanks! Just let me know if I you would like me to update your contact e-mail, or if time has just changed things between us irrevocably, you can unsubscribe below although I hope you’ll at least stay tuned for more pithily worded announcements which will include links to listen/see stuff online as well as live events. Gamely Rocking on and Sincerely Sounding Better Than Ever, Liza Garelik Roure

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