Many new songs from Liza + The Larch! Well shake it up babies! I just updated the listen page to include the lyrics for the 9 tracks on our new record Pavlov’s Garage and you can stream the songs as well, so please take a listen for free. If you like what you hear and you’re inclined to buy, anyone who purchases the album as a download only can request and receive a complementary Cd copy of the record at any show. Hey, that’s like two copies for the price of one! Just in time for holiday gifties. And speaking of shows, I’ll be playing keyboards and singing harmony with The Larch this Saturday 10pm at the Parkside Lounge in a show that is exciting for two reasons: ONE The theme for our set is Old Song, New Song – we’ll be playing 5 classic Larch rockers + 5 new songs (4 of which are debuts!) with titles like “Monkey Happy Hour” and “The Second Face.” In honor of the theme I will be outfitting myself in an Old Dress, New Boots, or possibly vice versa. TWO The night as a whole is a Zeitgeist party – an ongoing event series designed by friends of ours to facilitate the intermingling of the sounds and friends of compatible local bands, artists, performers and eccentrics – so I can guarantee a fun hang will ensue after we finish rockin’ the joint. This SATURDAY November 13th Parkside Lounge – 317 East Houston St. @ Attorney, LES, NYC 10:00 The Larch 11:00 System Noise 12:00 Wounded Buffalo Theory $5 cover Cheers m’Dears! -Liza.

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