Hey! Liza & the WonderWheels are playing a show next Friday 3/13 at Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook, Brooklyn. See our Shows page for info on that and the upcoming 8th annual Beefstock music festival taking place April 3, 4, & 5 at Full Moon resort in the Catskills. It never ceases to amaze me, like magnetized particles, the power of people coming together. The adaptability as we type a winter's night away sharing thoughts and feelings and the human experience, everybody expressing their singular perception and bumping off of each other with a spectrum of intentions and velocities. And the scene's power to call itself together in Maplewood, NJ for a Song Swap in the afternoon then back on the Lower East Side for Love Camp 7's release of their excellent new album Union Garage in the evening last Saturday. The thought of playing solo acoustic feels scary and vulnerable, but the act of actually doing it is a lot of fun. I played 2 very new songs - "What You Want" and "Cast Away" - and "Midnight Lightening" which I would classify as sort of recent, no longer new. Rebecca put together a wonderful combination of performers, and we all got to know each other in an atmosphere of juice and mini doughnuts and an art exhibit of quilts hung from every wall. Getting a lift back to the city in a car full of songwriters, we giggled about 'the business end of Maplewood' and the number of bright yellow 'Do Not Touch Quilts' signs strewn around the Arts Center. It reminded me of earlier days going to open mics and doing crazy late night no-pay residencies at songwriter cafes, happy just to have arrived in New York City and found a place to play, and still enthralled and unbelieving that songs are something I can write. Great days! WonderWheels practice was pretty slamming this week. We're back in form and refreshed from our hibernations, diversions, illusions. The show at Rocky's is going to be very interesting.

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