I'm not nostalgic, I'm just cleaning files off the memory of my computer... check out this link to olden days. So the WonderWheels played our first show in a year and a week last Friday. It was good to all be back in the same car going towards a gig. Red Hook, where ever. We did it for ourselves, to do it, and it was a huge bonus that so many friends came out to see. It felt good, fun, strenuous. It was my first show playing with a distortion pedal which I used at a low-mid level pretty much throughout the show. It is this kind of pedal which has a rude name. Ian calls mine my Iron Muff because I purchased it at guitar center which is a crappy big-box type of place to buy gear, but we were in a time crunch on the way out for an England tour and needed guitar leads and another mic ASAP the day before. So I'm charging up the credit card & I see they're having a special on these distortion boxes and I'm like throw one in, thanks. But, partly because Guitar Center is so concerned that the people going in their store are secret master thieves masquerading as money-parting musicians that they keep your purchases out of your hands until you are out the door, and maybe partly because I was in a hurry and didn't double-check until already on the train, I ended up receiving the cheaper version made in Russia instead of the NYC re-issue one I wanted. Because we were on a plane to the UK the next day, I never did anything about it, and when I got around to using the pedal it was all crackly and crappy and past it's return date, so it sat around for a while until Joe said a friend of his, also named Joe, could probably fix it. So I left it in the Pit and forgot about it. Months later the pedal came back to me fixed, and it sounds great with my Gibson Goldtone tube amp, and that is the story of my Iron Muff. Our set was: After Last Night* Where's My Robot Maid* Learning Lessons* Playing Checkers P-E-T-R-O-L-E-U-M* Walking Peaceful Midnight Lightening No Exceptions* Eddie Come Down (MEET THE ANIMAL) What You Want *are songs that will be on our forthcoming third album

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