On Friday the "Larch & the WonderWheels" gang had ourselves a listening party over at Tom's place. We got through a fair amount of the UK experience (all of which has been recorded) skipping over the marathon sets of the Saturday private party, but hearing most of the two best shows - Friday night at the Cricketers in Eastleigh (we love you!) and the well-oiled last show at the County Arms in Winchester on Sunday. Sound files will be selected at some point for airing, and I thought the next thing I'd add to this site would be the much-awaited England photo series, but it turns out we got ourselves a WonderWheels, Plastic Beef + friends show at the Court House Bar & Grill in Massapeaqua Park, Long Island at the end of the month, so I went ahead and posted those details for Saturday, Sept. 30th on the shows page. On Saturday we all went to a genius' birthday party and we Wheels were quite literally the last to leave. It was a nice night for the lovely Brooklyn view on the roof (enjoy it now because the skeletons of tomorrow's luxury high rises - and the next decade's poorly designed disposable architecture - threaten and rise over W-burg as well as southern Brooklyn) and the fact that the party space doubles by day as an serious yoga studio meant fun with ropes ! With that rock-centric crowd you could make a joke about The Kinky, but I won't. Yesterday I sent out my usual election day show announcement e-mail combining state and local politics with psychedelic night etc. Was much cheered by several replies saying my take and info was helpful. The other night, late at night coming home on the BQE with other wee hour drivers, going through that construction they're doing that narrows three lanes down to one, I called the bad man who would not let us merge in turn a Bad Citizen. Without investment in the circulation of information and courtesies, and without involvement in the democratic process, all hope for a civil society is lost. American democracy in a coma oh no, I think it's serious.

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