Here's a fellow performer's review of Vladapalooza II at Freddy's last Friday. The Ladies Room that evening was a bog of despicable stench thanks to a clutch of tequila shooting young women who were kind enough to entertain the men with some sloppy drunk kisses... right before going in to show no mercy what-so-ever to the little Freddy's Loo. And, our set felt even later than 1, it felt like the middle of the night plus some jet lag. But, I love how our 7 dates in Hampshire has become a "Massive European Tour." So the legend grows... Tonight is our first rehearsal with Joe since before the Parkside Lounge show - which research shows to be 4.5 weeks in the past, but feels very far away - although we did all play a few for Vladapalooza II... no set list. Then we closed with Tom on two of the signature UK '07 numbers: my cover of the Kink's "Victoria," and Ian singing lead on my song "Learning Lessons" (UNRELEASED). A great new review of our second record MEET THE ANIMAL came out while we were away in the Fall 2007 issue of Agenda Magazine. Hurrah! So I took the opportunity to refresh our press page, and I added links to an archival interview with Andy Mattina , and other nice things. Also, heads up about a newly written song: "Low Strung."

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