Does anyone else have a tradition of calling the night before Halloween "Devil's Night"? I first heard this in Detroit in the 90's, when people in that town were really excited about basketball, and Oct. 30 was prank night - Devil's night which included, all in a spirit of good fun, everything from egging the Motor City's cars to trying to burn entire blocks down. (Or up) So does that make today Devil's Day? In a way that sounds fun... The words Devilish and Kittenish having always felt neighborly almost synonomous to me. But I guess on second thought, from a srtict definition-ist view point, Devilish has to be bad, so how about Playful? Let's all be light-hearted and playful today, say something funny, a day of dis-disguisement before all the mascarade parties of the weekend. I was determined to post again today although my main computer-thing was acting a little funny: I think the cat may have walked across it while it was on sleep function and accidentally locked it or something. Thankfully I have this super-advanced communicator handheld thing-y, but it has no spell-check.

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