Every few months I get the urge to promote our music into the wider world. My perception of this drive is that it comes from a place of strangely impartial respect for what we create as four individuals who collectively play like so much more than the sum of our parts. I know I could be fooling myself - who am I to be free of the contamination of our superficial and fame obsessed society? Can I really still be clinging to my liberal arts thesis beliefs that our work somehow makes a difference by injecting the hope of original and valid creation into our world on a symbolic level? Well yeah. It's my drop in the bucket and I choose to keep the flavor sweet. Over the years my interactions with the publications, websites, reviewers, etc. that one sends free CDs and sheets of paper with biographical facts and flattering quotes to have been varied to say the least. Mostly positive - or at least professional - a lot of the outlets that support indie music are not surprisingly overwhelmed with submissions and trying to separate the great from the rest for little or no pay. Doing it for love a lot like most of us musicians. So the communication back-and-forth ranges from friendly to scattered to not at all, and seems somewhat separate from the quality of the reviewing or the intentions of the people. And I totally understand - who among us hasn't let an e-mail sit too long unanswered? I like to think I'm often great company, but I can also be a laxly callous correspondent. Which brings me to some radio play we received on Radio Muse show #16 a while back. How long ago I'm not certain, but don't blame the Radio Muses! They contacted me back in March to let me know we'd be included in show #16, and I did check back periodically, but the site seemed perpetually stuck on show #15, and now I checked back again and here we are on show #17. Ah well, you can still stream show #16 at the link above. It starts with a clip from the RHPS , and as it's streaming you can't fast forward. We're on pretty close to the end. The whole show is just under an hour.

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