Preparing to depart for England tomorrow! All show information is on the shows page. With so much going on in the world politically, I'm tempted to comment although I generally save it for the songs. I'm also fired up from taping more Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse episodes. This time I interviewed some aspiring local politicians, and more Brooklyn residents who are fighting against being forced out of their homes with eminent domain abuse. And these aren't just any homes, they are places of historical relevance documented to have been part of the Underground Railroad, with amazing rare proof of this dating back to 1855 in the form of a map showing the block on Duffield St. with the inter-linked basements (to shuffle and hide people on the run) as a fire hazard. The plans to demolish these historical homes even acknowledges this by placing a parking structure and access road on this block instead of a hotel or other building as the hollowness of the inter-connected tunnels precludes building a very large or heavy structure. The sneaky shenanigans of our local officials are unbelievable, yet all too believable, and also in a back-handed way acknowledge the import of the history we cannot allow to be destroyed here. I'll keep you posted on when the new episodes will air. The first Roundhouse episodes, the ones posed now, were done on the fly in two days to satisfy the requirement to apply and get a time-slot. What we've been working on this past week will have a higher production value in order to better illustrate the struggle happening in Brooklyn to keep our eccentricity from being capitalized and privatized by a few greedy white men (ahem: that's YOU Gov., Mayor, Ratner, I hope your balls are itching right now with shame). Yes, well I guess that was a comment or two... I was hoping to leave you with photos of our trip to Philly, but not all the images have come back to me yet. Ah well, only a few months ago I had to wait on developing too, although now I'm adoring my digital camera and have become quite the amateur snapper. Got some very nice comments (and from relatives who are often sparse with their praise) on the candids I captured at my cousin's wedding last month. I'm burying this offer on purpose, but if anyone wants to hire the Liza eye to capture images of an event or show let me know as I'm really getting into this hobby and will quote you low and do you right. p.s. This just in from my cousin in SD: "You know, I printed off your pictures at walmart and they tried to take them away from me! They made me sign a copyright agreement, and said they looked too professional. Sheesh, but kudos to you!"

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