You see the thing is that I'll never quit; I'll never quit interacting with the world from an intentionally creative, artistic perspective. I may neglect my online persona, sidestep exposure and fail to respond to e-mails inviting me to join online social networks, but I am artist. While I live, where I live, there is art. Yes, how pretty and idealistic, until the artist's path presents those candyland swamps, and deserts, and lonely narrow rope bridges where you can only navigate the crossover by yourself. It's a tricky thing, really to keep your artist to yourself after the novelty of inspiration has been weathered by all of Spring's changes and challenges. To keep a mystery something you can also depend upon, to keep from dispersal the best thing that you share. It's Summer now, and there has been an association aligned with my artist for years. We've missed a play or two recently, but now have survived to see a collective rally which I hope is not short-lived. This is all to say that there will be a third WonderWheels record after all, not a moment too soon as further songs and future plans keep more and more coming.

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