You can go here to see a page drummer Tom Pope made with a few of the many photos we took on tour in England. Enjoy - I know we did! Today I'm going down the shore - to Ocean City, NJ - to not drink, not socialize, just walk on the beach, hang out with my parents, get plenty of sleep and hopefully write a few songs. No e-mailing and no further diary entries until Friday. This past Saturday was another fantastic night at Freddy's. We started playing around 8pm: two drum sets (Tom & Joe), Andy on bass, Ian on guitar, Alan Bigalow (Crash Course Karaoke, Circus Guy) on guitar, and me alternating between the Pit keyboard and my guitar. We improv'd for at least half an hour, making some nice grooves, and then did a few covers (I remember a version of Mr. Charlie substituting Mr. Peter as Peter Pierce walked in the room, Midnight Moonlight, Cumberland Blues). We tucked a few Liza & the WonderWheels songs in there: Loops and Hush Now Sweet Pea (MEET THE ANIMAL) then around 9:30 did a few Larch songs: Sicker Than I Thought, Acoustic Kitty and a WonderWheels song - Learning Lessons (UNRELEASED) as the UK touring line-up (Andy on bass, Tom on drums) then to really confuse everybody we played another WonderWheels song - After Last Night (UNRELEASED) as the WonderWheels and then No Exceptions (UNRELEASED) with both drummers. We finished that set with a restrained 10 minute version of Eddie Come Down (MEET THE ANIMAL) that had the people who came to see the next band lined up against the back wall and staring. The above was more of a social event/appetizer for us than a gig or a show. Later on that night Alicia Levy took the stage and mesmerized. Talk about a woman who plays, sings and writes life or death. Close to the bone and amazing. She's got the touch, that's for damn sure. After honoring us with a gorgeously played set, we all made music together sometimes with up to three percussion players, Alicia on my guitar, Ian on guitar, Alan playing some guitar. We made up a few tunes on the spot with me singing - one that was still in my head the next morning which I plan to develop - and then wound down with Alicia playing two Stones covers (Wild Horses, Sympathy for the Devil) which reminds me that I think we played Friend of the Devil with Andy singing some time after 2am. Good times. Added: permanent link for Alicia on my links page under Bands We Like, and the line-up of bands playing at Psychedelic night at Freddy's on Saturday, September 16th, on the Shows page.

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