Entertainment tonight: Patti Rothberg with a full band at Don Hills. We're gonna be on TV three times today. (Wow! Do I have to clone my soul?) In chronological order: 1) 7pm on BCAT 3 Brooklyn vs. Bush episode featuring The Larch and The Saudi Agenda. Brooklyn Cable Channels: - Time Warner: 56 - Cable Vision: 69 - Without cable box: 10 2) 8:30pm on Manhattan Cable Re-run of the first Liza & the WonderWheels Dave's Place episode. Manhattan Cable Channels: - Time Warner: 57 - RCN or Digital: 85 - Without cable box: 69 Computer: enter at 8:30pm EST tonight, click channel 57. 3) midnight on BCAT - same info as above Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse focusing on the Ratner Nets arena/skyscraper land-grab swindle gearing up for the Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn rally at Grand Army Plaza this Sunday. ***** Thanks to everyone who came out to the Continental last night! That was fun! We played the same set twice (at the Grape St. and the Continental) for the first time ever. It was: Learning Lessons (unreleased) After Last Night (unreleased) No Exceptions (unreleased, we've also called this song "Looking for the Light") Meet the Animal (Meet the Animal) Song About a Pigeon (Meet the Animal) Where's My Robot Maid (unreleased) Eddie Come Down (Meet the Animal) Petroleum (unreleased) Hush Now Sweet Pea (Meet the Animal, Brian Dilion request)

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