The story of another coat: So there is this other coat. Not the Glam Jacket (album 1, track 9) but another Coat all gold toned and light reflective, yet warm and not too showy for every day use, with big comfy pockets: a beautiful vintage piece. Coat came from lovely Jessica, college roomie and to this day my sunflower friend of the Seattle-area. Jessie brightened mid-term my first year at my last college by showing up like sunshine through an afternoon window to occupy the room vacated by eating-disorder-had-to-move-home roomie. True friends immediately, we giggle much together. She showed me how to use camping gear and planned trips and so gave city me a valuable and different appreciation of nature. Well, this winter Coat was developing a worrying tear right up front - probably caused by me overloading those excellent big pockets. Earlier this week I took Coat in to the Chinese taylor we found around the corner who fixes anything for $5 and who recently resurrected a pair of Ian's favorite corduroys. Yesterday my errands were to buy some produce and pick up fixed Coat. So I'm walking down the block carrying my fruits and vegetables, and darn if I don't look down to see a five dollar bill just laying on the ground. I looked around, but I was on a residential number street, not the avenue, and there wasn't anyone about. So I pocketed the $5 and thought that's the $5 to fix the Coat. Because, as any good magpie of fashion can attest, the best things come to you free or on the cheap, unexpected hand-me-downs and treasures picked from thrift stores and wholesalers, and the taylor was able to match the thread color exactly. Entertainment tonight: Stuart (from Diesel Gallery) and his band Dali's Screwdriver at Freddy's at 11:30.

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