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Tracy Island: Images

Sun. Feb. 18, 2007: Kenny's Castaways, Manhattan - show + video shoot

Action shot of Mister Joe Filosa setting up
About to start the show - these photos were taken by Elisa Zazzera
Elisa & James Dean set up special lighting for this show + video shoot, hence the nicely flattering glow globes
Had a great time at this show - once we got there - which almost didn't happen due to unexpected Chinese New Year traffic.  I was moments away from driving up on the sidewalk, but we made it with seconds to spare.
Guitars!  Cool shot, Elisa!
Ian singing harmony
Pat D. from the Smithereens was drinking at the bar during our performance.  After the show he said to me, "I really like the way you play guitar, Mama."
Mister Andrew Mattina
Glow globes!
James Dean, capturing the action.  Check out the video he created for "Where's My Robot Maid?"  He's super-dooper-uber talented.