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Tracy Island: Images

Sat. Nov. 18, 2006: MFA 6 @ The Hook in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Setting up for MFA 6 on Nov. 18, 2006
It was an all-day rock-fest at The Hook in Red Hook, Brooklyn
MFA has really grown over the years thanks to tremendous effort from organizer Mike Corsi
Ian looks so serious!
It felt great to be a part of such a big, all-day event & fundraiser for this worthy cause
Everybody sing!
Thanks to our photographer, the very talented <A HREF= ""> John Pinamonti </A>
Andy's making a funny face but he can't help it the beginning of Eddie Come Down is just so erie
Another blissed out Eddie jam
Joe Filosa... in formal wear!
Jacket too hot
Packin up.  Brooklyn graffiti is the best!