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Tracy Island: Images

October 2007 UK tour

2007 UK tour promo picture of "Larch & the WonderWheels" taken at Wombat Recording Studios by Ross Bonadonna
Slightly wrinkled article from the Hampshire Chronicle (weekly arts supplement Sept. 27 - Oct. 3, 2007)
Oct. 16, Ian & Andy as we prepare to depart from JFK
Airplane sunrise
Airplane over the Thames - approaching London
Static caravan: home base near Hamble, Hampshire (A7, but nowhere near the Pyramid Club)
After moving in we proceeded to toast the tour with real ale
It just so happened that the nearest good pub was also our opening night venue - the King & Queen
Morning view first thing through curtains
Tom, Andy & Ian
Cash Converters (pawn shop) in Shirley where, after careful deliberation, we purchased a keyboard as they are apparently un-rentable in the South of England
Ian + Andy getting everything else we need for rocking...
...from Fret music.  Liza, Ian, Andy and the black rental van.  These 2 photos by Tom Pope.
Oct. 21, sound check on a Larch song, first show at the King & Queen in Hamble
playing a WonderWheels song - these two photos by Steve Mennella
close up photo taken by Andy Blakemore.  We're playing "Hush Now Sweet Pea"
The band rehearsing in A7, photos by Steve Mennella
Andy, Ian, Liza, the £50 pawnshop keyboard and lots of other gear
Tom using the built-in seating with a snare on his lap, Andy, Ian, more gear
Bass shot
Steve watching as Andy, in a blur of activity, packs the last of the gear into the van
Oct. 24, we played The Ferryman in Warsash
Ferryman poster & Steve
the gathering crowd
All our lovely albums
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