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Tracy Island: Images

August 2006 UK tour - Part II: Five shows in five days through departure

Labyrinth!  Neverwhere!  What's behind door #3?
Time for pre-show fish & chips!
The talented Andy Blakemore was on hand to take photos of the last show.
Playing a Larch song.
Ian, soloing out!
"Learning Lessons"
In this shot of Tom drumming you can see one of our posters and a pint of real ale.
Rich, with us for "Eddie"
We played "Eddie Come Down" at every show so by this point we were going to very interesting places during the jam.
Last show, group shot with friends.  We had so much fun, but it was starting to sink in that it was time to go home.
Loading up the car one last time.
The next morning, and it's time for Tom + Andy to go.
Bye, Bye!  We'll see youse later.
After returning the rental car + gear, we followed on home the next day.
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