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Tracy Island: Images

Sat. December 10, 2005: MEET THE ANIMAL pre-release party

Saturday, December 10, 2005: Meet the Animal party to share preview copies with our NYC friends before the official release Jan. 1, 2006.  All photos by Larry Schucker.
Come on in!
We decorated Freddy's Backroom and then the crowd started to gather.  Each table was strewn with dollar store treasures including minature plastic animals.
Our kick-ass friends in the rawk band Skelter were gracious enough to open up for us.  For mundane reasons there is no photographic evidence of Pocket Monsters' FUN after-party set.
People enjoying Skelter.
Ian + Liza: a couple of kooks just about to play.
We played the album in order, here's us getting started with Meet the Animal.
Liza singing Meet the Animal.  This is one of a very few songs I play without a pick.
Instrumental before the bridge on Hush Now Sweet Pea.
Ian playing while making his complicated solo face.
Playing Machine Gun Smith
Liza + Andy enjoying the Machine Gun jam
... the big MSG finish.
Playing Loops
Joe playing
Most of the way through the set now...
Liza singing Eddie Come Down
Andy playing and bowing at the same time.
Standing ovation!
So we played an encore, Learning Lessons, which will be on our next record.
Learning Lessons end
THANK YOU!  Thank you very much.
Awwww I got flowers!  In the background of this photo you can see three brilliant people: songstress Paula Carino, musician John Sharples and filmmaker Dan Sallit.