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Tracy Island: Images

Liza Self Portraits

Jan. 2008 on the way to <A HREF= ""> He's Dead Jim Studios </A> to record Joe's song "Holding Hands"
Oct. 2007 - first night of UK tour
Getting ready for the last show UK tour 2007
November 2006 - waiting in the lobby of our building on the way to play a show in Rhinebeck, NY.
Halloween after our Oct. 18th show at Kenny's - my costume was the ghost of music venues past
From August 2006 solo trip to play Songwriters in Mixed Company in Great Barrington, Mass.  And, first time using the delay-timer.
After the last show of our UK tour, August 2006.
At CMS rehearsal studios in Brooklyn, July 2006 - preparing for UK tour (you can see my guitar & keyboard)
At the Shrine to Music in Vermillion, South Dakota (June 2006)
Conscious Photographer
Ian's right: I like this one because it's weird.
Reclined on our couch
Cosmic Fuzzy in the backseat
Oh how dramatic
My throat, where all the noise comes from.
At the end of the night