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Tracy Island: News

Thursday - October 9, 2014

Hello neglected content page, remember blogging?

New show up here:
Next Wed. Oct. 15th 8pm at the Bowery Electric.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday - January 29, 2013

Monday - January 7, 2013

I have just updated the shows page. Please check it out!

Friday - October 19, 2012

Tracy Island Fri. 10/26 - 8pm @ Freddy's

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Join us next Friday, Oct. 26th as we kick off another culture-tastic evening at Freddy's!

Freddy's Bar and Backroom 627 - Fifth Ave. between 17th & 18th in Brooklyn
One block from Prospect Ave. stop on the R
B63 bus runs 5th Ave. every 10 min

8pm: Ian and I will bring you the fifth ever Tracy Island show, pushing the boundaries of new wave jangle folk rock in our duo format that is the thing the Liza songs have been directed to post WonderWheels (so I can probably stop setting it up in every show announcement, I just assume everybody's getting 1.5 million e-mails an hour) and I'm still excited about the directions his new project is taking us:
9pm: "The Funky LOU MASS: 1 man Hendrix band"
10pm: Sinking Ship
11pm: Seth Kessel & the Two Cent Band "Stomping klezmer or fiddle tunes played on saxophone!"
MIDNIGHT: FRED THOMAS TRIO "Fred Thomas occupies a very special niche in the history of R&B. As James Brown's principal bassist since 1971, he participated in one of the most prolific periods in the Godfather of Soul's incredible career. In his trio, Fred is front and center singing, playing bass and tearing into a mix of JB hits, blues and soul classics."

In this time of contentious electioneering, vacuous mainstream media and far too many frowns that need to be turned upside down, we dare to bare our perceptions, our voices, our stories, bringing you poppy music heady with content. We're not doing it to be cool or get rich. We're doing it because arty fucking freaks is who we proudly are. Hope you are proudly up to something too and that we get to see you soon.

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening!

Thursday - March 29, 2012

APRIL 6: LizaSongs Re-emergence at Branded Saloon in Brooklyn!

Well Hello Music Mates,

It’s been a loooong while since I’ve thrown a show e-mail out to the full e-mail list, but here goes… you may remember me from bands such as Liza & the WonderWheels (2002-2009) and The Larch (still going)…

Now, having conquered a moderately serious health problem and re-tooled the creativity accordingly I am pleased to announce an opportunity to hear my original catchy, cheery, quirky, political rock live and in person for the first time since 2010!

Branded Saloon – 603 Vanderbilt Ave. @ Bergen St. in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
(718) 484-8704

9pm: Liza & Ian Roure – (shortly to be substantially updated)
10pm: The Sometimes Boys - 11pm til whenever: Monster Jam featuring members of the above plus additional pals and maybe you perhaps? This month’s genre: British Invasion.

Reasons to celebrate in no particular order:
I’m announcing our new post WonderWheels band name live at the show!
It’s Good Friday – I mean all Fridays are pretty good but this one is the most Good of them all!
April 6 is not only Good Friday, it’s three days after my birthday and I’m barely old yet so yay!
It will be 5 months + 3 days since I was released from the hospital post-planned surgery to fix what ailed me and I’ve regained a lot of strength and am feeling much better!
Ian & I will each take lead on several jam songs so stay late for improvisational risks and flashes of genius as we interpret the Kinks, Who, Beatles, Yardbirds, Stones, Beatles and more!

Thanks! Just let me know if I you would like me to update your contact e-mail, or if time has just changed things between us irrevocably, you can unsubscribe below although I hope you’ll at least stay tuned for more pithily worded announcements which will include links to listen/see stuff online as well as live events.

Gamely Rocking on and Sincerely Sounding Better Than Ever,
Liza Garelik Roure

Wednesday - November 10, 2010

Many new songs from Liza + The Larch!

Well shake it up babies!

I just updated the listen page to include the lyrics for the 9 tracks on our new record Pavlov’s Garage and you can stream the songs as well, so please take a listen for free.

If you like what you hear and you’re inclined to buy, anyone who purchases the album as a download only can request and receive a complementary Cd copy of the record at any show. Hey, that’s like two copies for the price of one! Just in time for holiday gifties.

And speaking of shows, I’ll be playing keyboards and singing harmony with The Larch this Saturday 10pm at the Parkside Lounge in a show that is exciting for two reasons:

The theme for our set is Old Song, New Song – we’ll be playing 5 classic Larch rockers + 5 new songs (4 of which are debuts!) with titles like “Monkey Happy Hour” and “The Second Face.” In honor of the theme I will be outfitting myself in an Old Dress, New Boots, or possibly vice versa.

The night as a whole is a Zeitgeist party – an ongoing event series designed by friends of ours to facilitate the intermingling of the sounds and friends of compatible local bands, artists, performers and eccentrics – so I can guarantee a fun hang will ensue after we finish rockin’ the joint.

This SATURDAY November 13th

Parkside Lounge –
317 East Houston St. @ Attorney, LES, NYC

10:00 The Larch
11:00 System Noise
12:00 Wounded Buffalo Theory
$5 cover

Cheers m’Dears!

Thursday - October 7, 2010

LIZA show @ Parkside Lounge THURS 10/14 + Kirsten Williams 7:30

Friends, Foes, Family, Fellow Musicians:

After years of playing out as much as possible, you may recall the decision we made last year to put the stage scenery model of Stonehenge into storage. I then entered a period of relative seclusion, focusing on the joyful creative act of songwriting and making music and skipping a year or two of the energy draining logistics of organizing tours, dealing with clubs, etc.

This may seem anti-social and counter-intuitive to my stated goal of leading the revolution to wipe mass-produced over-sexualized girl-pop from the collective conscious and replace it with a new movement of genuine rock straight from the artistic underground, I know. However those of us who have made this life-long commitment to generating meaningful individual expressions in sound and lyrics must occasionally retreat from the spot-light in order to bring real, nourished, connected work out of the cocoon for your eventual enjoyment.

Hence, this is my first and probably only public performance in Manhattan for the year. I’ll be playing a lot of new material on both keyboard and acoustic guitar, accompanied by the fabulous Ian Roure on guitar. We’re preceded by Kirsten Williams who will unaffectedly perform a hypnotically melodic and sensuously voiced set accompanied by Andrew Mattina on the bass. (

I’ll also have copies of my latest record “Pavlov’s Garage” for sale, trade, good natured giving, etc. Feel free to take a preview: or

THURSDAY OCTOBER 14 – 7:30 sharp
Kirsten, Liza and the Comeback Kids!
The Parkside Lounge 317 E. Houston St. @ Attorney, Lower East Side of Manhattan 10001
(212) 673-6270
7:30 – 8:30: Kirsten Williams & Andrew Mattina
8:30 – 9:30: Liza Garelik Roure & Ian Roure

Thanks co-conspirators!

Monday - March 29, 2010

The fabulous Kristina Latour of used some WonderWheels music in a commercial! She's a talented video editor specializing in performer reels, promos, keepsake/event videos & photo/VHS archiving to DVD. This multi-talented sweetie has written a "play with music" called Temping & she'll be performing in two readings of it in April. Thanks Kristina! You rock!

View the commercial here!

Sunday - September 6, 2009

Great review of Friday's show at the Parkside Lounge here . Thank you Alan Young & Lucid Culture!

Sunday - August 2, 2009

Hey! Well I knew this would happen.... that's why I stayed out of social networking for so long. It is fun, and whoo have I learned some secrets about some of you, but here I am totally neglecting my own web site because everybody's looking at Facebook .

And there's so much going on...

This YouTube post of us playing "Playing Checkers" live at our June 16th show at The Delancey for a start...
I'm sorry web site! I'll try to do better...

Next show is Friday, Sept. 4 @ The Parkside, New York City.

Wednesday - March 18, 2009

I'm not nostalgic, I'm just cleaning files off the memory of my computer... check out this link to olden days.

So the WonderWheels played our first show in a year and a week last Friday. It was good to all be back in the same car going towards a gig. Red Hook, where ever. We did it for ourselves, to do it, and it was a huge bonus that so many friends came out to see.

It felt good, fun, strenuous. It was my first show playing with a distortion pedal which I used at a low-mid level pretty much throughout the show. It is this kind of pedal which has a rude name. Ian calls mine my Iron Muff because I purchased it at guitar center which is a crappy big-box type of place to buy gear, but we were in a time crunch on the way out for an England tour and needed guitar leads and another mic ASAP the day before. So I'm charging up the credit card & I see they're having a special on these distortion boxes and I'm like throw one in, thanks. But, partly because Guitar Center is so concerned that the people going in their store are secret master thieves masquerading as money-parting musicians that they keep your purchases out of your hands until you are out the door, and maybe partly because I was in a hurry and didn't double-check until already on the train, I ended up receiving the cheaper version made in Russia instead of the NYC re-issue one I wanted. Because we were on a plane to the UK the next day, I never did anything about it, and when I got around to using the pedal it was all crackly and crappy and past it's return date, so it sat around for a while until Joe said a friend of his, also named Joe, could probably fix it. So I left it in the Pit and forgot about it. Months later the pedal came back to me fixed, and it sounds great with my Gibson Goldtone tube amp, and that is the story of my Iron Muff.

Our set was:
After Last Night*
Where's My Robot Maid*
Learning Lessons*
Playing Checkers
Walking Peaceful
Midnight Lightening
No Exceptions*
Eddie Come Down (MEET THE ANIMAL)
What You Want

*are songs that will be on our forthcoming third album

Friday - March 6, 2009

Hey! Liza & the WonderWheels are playing a show next Friday 3/13 at Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook, Brooklyn. See our Shows page for info on that and the upcoming 8th annual Beefstock music festival taking place April 3, 4, & 5 at Full Moon resort in the Catskills.

It never ceases to amaze me, like magnetized particles, the power of people coming together. The adaptability as we type a winter's night away sharing thoughts and feelings and the human experience, everybody expressing their singular perception and bumping off of each other with a spectrum of intentions and velocities. And the scene's power to call itself together in Maplewood, NJ for a Song Swap in the afternoon then back on the Lower East Side for Love Camp 7's release of their excellent new album Union Garage in the evening last Saturday. The thought of playing solo acoustic feels scary and vulnerable, but the act of actually doing it is a lot of fun. I played 2 very new songs - "What You Want" and "Cast Away" - and "Midnight Lightening" which I would classify as sort of recent, no longer new. Rebecca put together a wonderful combination of performers, and we all got to know each other in an atmosphere of juice and mini doughnuts and an art exhibit of quilts hung from every wall.

Getting a lift back to the city in a car full of songwriters, we giggled about 'the business end of Maplewood' and the number of bright yellow 'Do Not Touch Quilts' signs strewn around the Arts Center. It reminded me of earlier days going to open mics and doing crazy late night no-pay residencies at songwriter cafes, happy just to have arrived in New York City and found a place to play, and still enthralled and unbelieving that songs are something I can write.

Great days! WonderWheels practice was pretty slamming this week. We're back in form and refreshed from our hibernations, diversions, illusions. The show at Rocky's is going to be very interesting.

Thursday - February 26, 2009

Facebook - it's the new blogging...

Liza & Ian are looking forward to playing the Saturday Afternoon Song Swap at the 1978 Maplewood Arts Center this Saturday. See the shows page for details and an article about the swap in the New York Times.

For anyone feeling Maplewood, NJ is inaccessible without a car, join us on New Jersey Transit - the 3:11 train from Penn Station on the Morristown Line arrives in Maplewood at 3:50 and you will be guaranteed a ride from the train station to the Arts Center and back again after the swap.

Thursday - January 22, 2009

New page of photos up from the show + video shoot we did at Kenny's Castaways back in February 2007. The resulting video for "Where Is My Robot Maid?" was released online in November and can be seen by scrolling down this page. Thanks again to the Yes We Can! Yes We Did! team of James Dean Conklin + Elisa Zazzera. They're in India right now documenting the Climate Solutions Road Tour with Solar Punch. We're thinking we did something right in a former life to have such a high level fabulosity & professionalism helping with our visuals.

On the audio side, I am in possession of the tracked + mixed comp of our third record! I know! It's been a long time commin'... we should be on to mastering by the end of the month.

Wednesday - January 14, 2009

This Friday, Jan. 16 at 9:00 (eastern standard time) Liza will be playing keyboards and singing a little to the progressive-psychedelic-pop stylings of Ian's band The Larch . If you are in the New York metro area, come to the show at Arlene's Grocery for $10 at 95 Stanton Street on the Lower East Side OR - and I'm talking to you Berkeley Lovebirds and of course Portland & Seattle, you guys can relax with us when you get off work Friday, and UK if you'd care to stay up late we can have a nightcap together on the Strawberry Coast - because everybody can STREAM THE

Friday - January 9, 2009

Hey look who's actually booking showS (multiple) for 2009. I know!

Did you know (adept bass player) Andy is in India on the climate solutions road tour playing with solar powered band Solar Punch ?

Wednesday - January 7, 2009

Yes, there will be a Liza & the WonderWheels set at the Beefstock 8 music festival. See the shows page for more info.

Sunday - January 4, 2009

We are #94 in Radio Crystal Blue's 2008 chart of best recording artists of the year!

It's pretty fantastic that people are still playing - much less accolade-ing - our 2006 release MEET THE ANIMAL. I'm also pleased our third record is very near completion, so much so that I can say with confidence that 2009 will see its release.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday - December 17, 2008

Posted a new group of photos from our set at MFA 6, better late than never. There's also a new self-portrait from the beginning of the really short hair pixie cut last winter.

Thursday - November 20, 2008

Did you know I have always kind of hated blogging? It's true. This whole Facebook thing is certainly a lot, lot easier.

THE VIDEO IS DONE! Here is our Robot Maid:

Thanks James Dean !

Monday - November 3, 2008

What a great weekend: Halloween, Day of the Dead, Marathon Day. That's how it went down here in Brooklyn, New York City.

Marathon Day offers a lot of great metaphors, Sunday brunch-time socializing, and an incredible amount of trashed paper cups and racer's debris. I can't pretend to understand running in a pack like that, but hey to each their chosen form to practice. I too am in training with the playing and writing, performing, conveying, courting the currents of interpretation, etc. And life's a long journey (if you're lucky), and this past year especially I have felt the pull of multiple races. That's because for the past two-three years I've been working on changing my other career - the one I have in addition to my life, represented by this website, of fabulous front-woman of genius rock obscurity. I'm convinced that for the course of my life, the extra effort of these years will have been worth it, but yeah my this year my time with music has really suffered. And while in absence, my heart did grow fonder! And I've been playing for myself these past several days and let's just say my quads need to be stretched, but I'm still in pretty great shape.

Also, I started a Facebook page , which means today is my first day of organized online social networking...

Friday - October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Maybe I am right next to you, but wearing a wig so you can't recognize me...

Vladapalooza III is tonight.

Evidence from the Box of Crayons set at Vladapalooza the first. And one of those find 'em games. Can you spot the four Wheels in this video?

Thursday - October 30, 2008

Does anyone else have a tradition of calling the night before Halloween "Devil's Night"? I first heard this in Detroit in the 90's, when people in that town were really excited about basketball, and Oct. 30 was prank night - Devil's night which included, all in a spirit of good fun, everything from egging the Motor City's cars to trying to burn entire blocks down. (Or up)

So does that make today Devil's Day? In a way that sounds fun... The words Devilish and Kittenish having always felt neighborly almost synonomous to me. But I guess on second thought, from a srtict definition-ist view point, Devilish has to be bad, so how about Playful? Let's all be light-hearted and playful today, say something funny, a day of dis-disguisement before all the mascarade parties of the weekend.

I was determined to post again today although my main computer-thing was acting a little funny: I think the cat may have walked across it while it was on sleep function and accidentally locked it or something. Thankfully I have this super-advanced communicator handheld thing-y, but it has no spell-check.

Wednesday - October 29, 2008

Hi, it's me, Liza. Just because my rock band is taking a few months off to disincorporate and evolve is really no excuse for my not having rapped at ya in such a time. Time, yeah, it mostly is about time. Not enough of it to go around in 2008, but I put my feet down to slow things moving into this holiday season. What reason, really, I mean why go through all the work and resistance and struggle without allowing for a celebration now and then? So I returned to my life, my reality by catching up on sleep and reading a Margaret Atwood book ( The Blind Assassin).

Thursday - September 4, 2008

Sent this invitation out today:

SUN 9/7 WonderWheels VIDEO SHOOT you are invited...

Hey WonderFriends,

This SUNDAY September 7 from 3-6 in the afternoon we're gonna be lighting up the backroom at Freddy's as we shoot the final round of footage for a WonderVideo for our song "Where's My Robot Maid?"

The plan is to embed this video gem right into the CD of our third record which will be released in January (exact release date tba...)

Freddy's - at 485 Dean St. between 6th Ave. and Flatbush in Brooklyn - has always been so super-great to us... Donald and the regulars at Freddy's have understood our philosophical-psychedelic brand of jammy New York rock right from the beginning, and supported us and gave us room to grow up as Liza & the WonderWheels.

I really wanted to include Freddy's in this very exciting video project. Our director is none other than the very cool, very creative James Dean Conklin who we've already enjoyed working with to shoot footage on location, so the plan for this Sunday is basically just to bring it all back home and capture some live playing and partying, and you are invited!

Be in the vid or not, it's up to you! Also on the calendar it's Open Mic night in the evening, so bring an instrument, stick around and let's all play together.

Some impressive links about Director JDC:
And don't forget primary elections the following Tuesday 9/9. Polling places in NYC are open from 6am-9pm. General elections in years when we're voting for Prez are the most attended. The primary election next Tues. will be way less attended and our votes will determine who the masses in November are choosing between. Here in Bay Ridge the local congressional seat is up for grabs thanks to Vito Fossella's hypocritical indiscretions. The two main democrats running are Harrison who is AGAINST the war in Iraq and McMahon who is NOT. Go research, go local, go vote YES to indie rock music videos!

Where's my robot maid?
You'd think this mess could be clean by now
Where's my robot maid?

We'll use our jet packs to fly to our space station schools
Science will make sense as we all eat such healthy foods

Where's my flying car?
You'd think technology and things being what they are
Where's my flying car?

We'll go together to holographic movies
We'll all have androids at work to do our duties

Where's my robot maid?
Where's my robot maid?

I don't want the worries of the rich / you should know by now I'm no materialist
But the modern world - so disenchanted / find my future more romantic

Where's my robot maid?
You think this mess could be cleaned up by now
Where's my robot maid?

Also, didn't want Sept. 2 to completely slip by without saying happy birthday to our deceased friend Lila Levy... Yo Chila, where ever you are we chove you!
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