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Tracy Island: Links

Liza on Facebook
Our donation page for Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn
Please if you can donate even just $5, we need the people's money to counter-act the eminent domain/land grab of billionaire developer Bruce Ratner that he's trying to effect right now in downtown/Prospect Heights Brooklyn. We don't need no stinkin Nets arena high rise complex. We need strong Brooklyn neighborhoods. And we need Freddy's to stay open.
Liza & the WonderWheels on The Covers Project
Our version of Kimberley Rew's song for Katrina and the Waves "Machine Gun Smith" was posted April 12, 2007. If we get many votes on their rating system our song can be featured in their top story box.
Liza & the WonderWheels on YouTube
"We Are the Media" (MEET THE ANIMAL) video created by Steve de Seve for Brooklyn vs. Bush TV
Liza & the WonderWheels on Eartaste sampler!
22 tracks. $6. A high quality round up of jangly to rootsy indie rock.
Larch & the WonderWheels on YouTube
This video of touring hybrid band Larch & the WonderWheels rendered Larch song "Return of the Chimera" was shot in Owslebury in Hampshire, England, August 2006 by Andy Blakemore.
Freddy's Brooklyn Roundhouse
Liza hosts this new TV talk show.
Brooklyn vs. Bush
Good TV
Wombat Recording Co.
The Lodge - mastering maestros

Bands we're in

The Larch
Ian Roure's songs, lead guitar and vocals, Liza Garelik's keyboards and harmony, Ross Bonadonna on bass, Tom Pope on drums.
Plastic Beef
Joe & Andy's band, and your conduit to information about the annual Beefstock music festival in Oliveria, NY.
An interview with Andy Mattina

Bands we like

Alan Merrill
Alice Bierhorst
Alicia Levy
Crash Course Karaoke
Erica Smith
John Pinamonti
Kimberley Rew
Kirsten Williams
Love Camp 7
Mr. Mc Gregor
Paranoid Larry
Paula Carino
Pocket Monster
Randi Russo
Rebecca Turner
Solar Punch
The Dropzines
The Roches
The Saudi Agenda

Radio Waves

Radio Crystal Blue
Harris Radio
The Fevered Brain of RadioMike
ZFM UK & USA Breaking Pop Ch.O105
Radio Muse
WUDR - 99.5 FM University of Dayton
School of Rock with Dr. J

Press Coverage

Agenda Magazine
Collected Sounds
Daily Echo
Hampshire Chronicle
Lucid Culture
Ryan's Smashing Life
Wot Musician