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Tracy Island: Guestbook

Terence, Annette & Jamie Ringwood

August 17, 2015

It was great to meet with you at the Ringwood Brewery tour in Ringwood, thank you for the two album CDs fantastic, come and visit us in Norfolk.

Jan tramontano

June 18, 2012

Liza and Ian
Sounds exciting! Good Luck!
Love, Jan

Matthyew Fritch

August 12, 2009

Your Website is great. So creative love the writing:)


April 18, 2009

LIZA!!! Love your show baby. When is the world tour coming?


April 11, 2009

I rarely comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great Blog!!


January 6, 2009

Yes! We will be playing a Liza & the WonderWheels set on Saturday night at Beefstock 8. Tons of other great bands have also confirmed. I just updated our shows page.

Sal Adelfio

December 30, 2008

Hello Liza. Will you be at Beefstock # 8 this year ? My groups Black Death and Plastic Beef Aberation will be performing; it would be nice to see you. How's things ? Take care now !


November 8, 2008

Hello! simply super!

Kevin and Erin and Rose and Henry

May 5, 2008

Hi L,

Hope all is well in NY. Congrats on the 10 year anniversary of The Larch. Cool. Sounds like your band is kicking ass, 2 albums now, also cool.

We kick it in Seattle. Rose turns 4 tomorrow, 5/6, and Henry is 5 months old.

Life is grand.

Give us a shout, and come to Seattle already.

Say hi to Ian.



Jen Jones

December 30, 2007

Just read your news of December 17? 19? You're a talented writer. It made me chuckle. You're a kind soul, too.


Big Sista

Bruce Hathaway

November 10, 2007

Finally got around to a listen. You guys are great! Love the singing, good and honest (could be featured more in the mix.) Ian - great guitar. When did you guys get so good - both of you...

Dahlia Ross

October 5, 2007

Hia. I checked out the song "Loops" twice cuz I think the lyrics and concept are fierce and deep about reincarnation.


June 13, 2007

Hey pretty lady!
I was just thinkin' about you. your website is great. New York plans have been put off a bit, but still live. When are your wonderwheels rollin' into Detroit? I miss you! wish we could go out for coffee.....well, someday! luv u!


April 21, 2007

Loved your show tonight. Look forward to seeing you at the Monk this Saturday. Arthur.


March 14, 2007

Hey guys, please keep me up-to-date on all your goings on.... My Best from Boston!

Ryan - the Ryan's Smashing Life weblog:


January 23, 2007

Very interesting website. :)
Good luck and keep up good work. Serj.

Ryan's Smashing Life - mp3 blog

November 18, 2006

Here's the link to the write-up about the band!


November 17, 2006

It was great meeting you today! We listened to your album on the way home. Looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving! Love, your cousin, Gladys :)


November 17, 2006

hi!! i'm so lucky to have you as a cousin liza. great job!!


November 15, 2006

Hey guys. Greetings from Ryan - RSL!

Laurece West

August 27, 2006

Hey Girl! What fun it was seeing you. I am writing you from NC now. I listened to your CD more yesterday. I really like it. I'm probably not too available, except by VM for 10 days. I wanted to see how your site looked on my Dad's computer...good. I had a bitchin time with my computer. Something is wrong with the install and it got all stopped up. I went back to dial up to get my email..but I'll work it out when I get home. I think you actually helped me a lot. Take care, Love, Laurece

b. bulbish, holyfingers

May 6, 2006

very tasteful guitarwork too, enjoying your album very much

Stephan C

May 2, 2006

hey, it was a great show last night!
listening to your CD:)

Tim Gill Dailey

May 2, 2006

Enjoying your Meet the Animal CD
Three fav cuts: 1. Meet the Animal
2. Hush Now Sweet Pea
3. Machine Gun Smith


May 1, 2006

great show tonight, thanks for the cd!


March 23, 2006

LOVE the site, hon!